Who doesn’t like Emotional – Peace?

Aquamarine #BabyBlue

Hello to the month of march bringing more peace and emotions to us and obviously a better look to our home.

Color of the Month

This year 2022 March’s colors are Blue and White. The Blue color is derived from the March birthstone Aquamarine as it’s obvious from its name that Aqua means WATER and Marine means SEA. Together it means “Water of The Sea” The color White is generally associated with Clean, Pure, Peaceful, and Positive. While blue conjures images of sky and sea. Blue is also the depth of the human psyche.

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As we talk about the month of March season also changes globally and it shifts from Winter to Spring. Don’t you think your bedroom setting and theme should also change according to the weather and color scheme making it look more trendy, cool, and attractive?

For this, you need to add Light Blue and White colors specifically to your Bedroom and Living Area. But how do we do that in an easy way. Because neither the walls can be change every month nor the furniture. Here are some tips for you:

1. Try adding the same color scheme frames.
2. Small Decoration pieces which go with the Blue and White color and with the weather as well.
3. For bedrooms you can have the Blue and White color Bed Sheets, Bed Skirt, Duvet Cover, and Pillow Case.
4. You can also go with the combination of White and Light Blue for your living area Couch Cover or cushion Covers.
5. For your bathroom you can get Bath and Face Towels and Bathrobes for the same color and can also add some customized messages or Quotes according to your mood.

Following trends can be cool and peaceful as surrounding yourself with these beautiful colors also effects your mood and over all environment of your home.
Specially when it comes to your bedroom as it is considered as a personal space for any individual. Imagine you coming home after a hectic day and just want to
lie down for a short nap on your super comfy bed surrounding by all these peaceful colors adding so much mental comfort on your first sight.

Towels to Love

Our new Popcorn design is very amazing color of aquamarine and among that manny other patterns. Coming Soon


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