1CM Pillow Collection

Our Zen Stripes pillow covers. The subtle 1 cm stripes infuse a classic charm into any space. Crafted with attention to detail, these covers promise a touch of hotel-like luxury right in your home. Ideal for those who appreciate timeless designs.

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3CM Pillow Collection

The 3 cm stripes are a nod to enduring style, ensuring they remain a favorite year after year. Made to hotel-grade standards, they promise durability and a wrinkle-free appearance, cutting down on the time you'd spend ironing.

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Paisley Pillow Collection

The delicate paisley texture is a fine display of craftsmanship, subtly shining and reflecting light. Made from 300 thread count 100% combed cotton, they're not just beautiful to look at, but also a delight to rest on.

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Giza Cotton Pillow Covers

  • Made with world-renowned Combed Giza Inspired cotton.
  • Solid dyed pattern for versatility.
  • Range includes standard, king, and euro sizes.
  • Choose between pairs or individual covers.
  • Promises cool and refreshing nights.

Zen Stripes Pillow Collection

  • Subtle 1 cm stripes design.
  • Evokes hotel-like luxury.
  • Available in standard, king, and euro sizes.
  • Options for pairs and individual covers.
  • Made for those valuing enduring charm.